Overview Inter Bank Services

Inter Bank Services (IBS) is a transport company and fund processing, created in 1998 as part of the banking sector upgrade in Tunisia and entered into real activity stream the month of February 2001.

IBS pioneer in its sector, provides collection services, delivery, counting and processing of funds for banks, bank customers, National Post Office, revenue and finance companies.

Taking advantage of some highlights:

  • A strong network of eight centers covering the whole country and located in Tunis, Nabeul, Sousse, Sfax, Gabes, Medenine, Gafsa and Jendouba,
  • A fleet of more than a hundred armored vehicles
  • A fleet of more than 200 funds counting machines
  • A rigorous and qualified staff of over 550 employees, the daily target customer loyalty, with the sole objective, their serenity,
  • A locked and efficient security system

IBS is able to provide a service in line with expectations of customers, quickly and safely, enhanced by the accompaniment of the National Security Committee officers in accordance with Law No. 2002-81 of 13 August 2002.

A multitude of events and changes have enabled IBS to gain the experience necessary to develop, to master the latest technology and preserve its status as undisputed leader in its sector at national level. Tunisian Prime operator in transportation funds.

Our services

Cash transport

IBS is a CIT company that is growing fast ..

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funds treatment

IBS can help you treat your values, faster and more economically

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Home banking service

To be closer to its customers and to expand its range, IBS offers the Home Bank Service

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Our strengths

Our expertise

With years of experience, IBS has developed a unique expertise in transportation and processing of funds.

In addition, IBS has adopted a rigorous and qualified staff in these businesses, an organization adapted and efficient technical and logistical resources.

Our Proximity

In joining the interests of its customers and partners about the importance of the factor “time”, Inter Bank Services has worked to optimize its service time. Thus CIT circuits are periodically reviewed in a constant search for better organization, reflected in a significant time savings.

In this same logic, IBS, and since its inception it there’s 16, has continued to work towards a geographical proximity with its customers and partners. To this end, she managed to establish a strong network of eight centers covering the whole country and located in Tunis, Nabeul, Sousse, Sfax, Gabes, Medenine, Gafsa and Jendouba favoring compression supply times for customers in these respective areas.

Our engagement

The compliance of our services to customers requirements, statutory and regulatory requirements, standards, is the major issue in our society.

This is built on professionalism and the quality of actions of our employees.


For years, IBS has implemented a total security system comprising three main components :

      The physical security of CIT officers running their collection or delivery of exercises funds
      The security of premises and funds
      The information security

Physical security

In their collection or delivery of exercises fund our transport agents
funds, besides the use of armored vehicles comply with European standards, accompanied by the security forces under the Interior Ministry to ensure their protection.

And also in a multiple order to optimize the profitability of all its operations, respects the procedures and security in general, IBS has created a monitoring unit GPS vehicle. This structure ensures and ensures strict compliance with the programs previously set by those responsible for transport.

Safety and local funds

To ensure the security of its premises, IBS has set up a central control station which work on 24 and 24 for 7 days and for main tasks to manage :

      video surveillance system
      anti intrusion system
      access control system

The Information Security

IBS attaches major importance to the security of information which constitutes an asset that, like other important business assets, has value to any organization. Hence the need to protect that asset appropriately.

In numbers :


Stop Points


Shielded Centers


Armored truck


Counting and sorting machines

Our clients



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