History of funds transportation

In 1869 the US Perry Brink invented the concept cash transport conveyor creating the job: employee whose mission is transporting cash, coins and notes more often checks or payment orders sometimes, jewelry or valuables exceptionally. But conveyors existed long before that. Just to be convinced to browse a section of “France Picturesque” magazine about the traditions, legends and other aspects of the life of the French provinces of old. It is “the newsletter of the Society of Studies of Avallon” published in 1859 that tells us: “Attack of CIT by robbers in 1583: Was it through the darkest night or in bright sunshine, or well in the open field? We can not say but what ancient chronicles we learn, is that a day of March 1583, a gang of thieves who, perhaps, had seen a van loaded into the coffers of recipient of the city of Thunder, attacked by force, on the road to Paris escort that accompanied the convoy, the discomfited and seized funds that the controller of the Thunder election led to the generality of the recipient ( area administered by a General of Finance). “Let’s be clear, the security guard business and the robber both already existed in the 16th century …

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